Ashburys Railway Station

Ashburys:  Has a station Adopter who visits once a week  clearing litter and checking for any defects on the platform and shelters. In the winter months ensuring that the stairs and platforms have sufficient grit and also that the lighting  is fully working. Regretfully there are  no facilities at the station to purchase tickets. Also there are 3 flights of stairs to negotiate from Pottery lane to the platforms. Regretfully there is no lift to assist disabled passengers. The station serves the line to Glossop and Hadfield, Sheffield via New Mills and Rose hill Marple.

Over many years the footfall in passenger numbers appears  to be increasing due to the East Manchester signalling centre next to the station.

The area around Ashburys station is rich with railway history. Very near to Ashbuys station was the famous Bayer Peacock company that produced engines such as the Garrett and the Hymek diesel hydraulic. The Gorton foundry works were created in 1854. and closed in 1966. To this day some of Beyer Peacocks engines still operate on the Ffestiniog railway and a diesel hymek on the East Lancashire railway.,_Peacock_and_Company