Guide Bridge Railway Station

Guide Bridge station has the support of a relatively new friends group. The group has been very active and has recently launched a web site to promote their activities.

Friends of Guide Bridge Station was formed in May 2015 by Andy Kettle as a Facebook Media Group [Friends of Guide Bridge Station Rail partnership] as at the time there were no media groups supporting the station.

Andy made an enquiry to ACoRP to find that the station was not adopted either and so set about putting wheels in to motion, this was mentioned on the Facebook group page to which there was a good response from people wanting to get involved.

In June 2015 after submitting the application to ACoRP, Guide Bridge Station became an adopted Station.

After having discussions with representatives from the Train operating Company, the group submitted their plans for the areas that where allocated.

The FoGBS have 5 projects at the station which are:

The FoGBS have five projects to make some welcome and pleasant changes to the station for the Commuters and local Community who use the station. The five projects that have been chosen are:

  • Project.1 – Platform Foliage & Picture Boards
  • Project 2 – Schools Allotment Garden
  • Project 3 – The Memorial garden
  • Project 4 –  Platform 2 Building
  • Project 5 – Platform 2 Wildlife Garden