Hattersley Railway Station

Hattersley railway station serves the Hattersley housing estate in Tameside, Greater Manchester. The station is  on the Manchester-Glossop Line.

It has car and cycle parking spaces with CCTV cover and incorporate a bus interchange with a bus service running to the station before continuing through Hattersley to the terminus or going to Hyde and Manchester.

Monday to Saturday during the daytime trains run every 30 minutes to Manchester and to Hadfield; extra services run in the weekday business peaks, but trains run every hour after 20.00. On Sundays train services run every 30 minutes to Manchester and to Hadfield until the evening.  Early morning, rush hour and late evening services start or terminate at Glossop.

The station has an active Friends Group that has won a number of awards for the garden at the font of the station. The Friends group has its own web site.